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TI aproaching a new style on his fifth album

ti_juniorreid_sexygirlsvideohotnude.jpgRap beefs sell records, but when you've already crowned yourself King of the Dirty South, who rises high enough to incur your lyrical wrath? Well, for his fifth album, T.I. tries something new:

He picks a fight with himself. More precisely, the Atlanta MC taunts his alter ego, the reckless upstart T.I.P., on his new, overblown CD, "T.I. vs. T.I.P."

As T.I. himself has explained: "There's not nobody out there doing what I do as well as I do it, so I see myself as worthy competition for myself." Big talk, though it comes from the man who scored huge last year with his album "King" and Grammy wins for the hits "What You Know" and "My Love" with Justin Timberlake.

T.I. is an Yves Saint Laurent-wearing, international man of leisure; T.I.P., on the other hand, is a declasse thug with a criminal record. Despite their internal struggles, T.I. secretly knows that it's T.I.P. who got him where he is today.

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