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Jamaican reggae singer Jah Cure is freed!

By Out&Bad

jahcure_curefest_prisonwallsfreed.jpgReggae singer Jah Cure walked out of the Tower Street Adult Correctional Centre today as a free man after serving nine long years behind bars. reached on the scene in time to see the joy and happiness on the faces of his family members and close friends when he burst through the doors.

According to Jah Cure’s publicist Allison Young the big celebration will now officially take place at the Ruins in Ocho Rios which will last for two days and then from there to James Bond Beach, Oracabessa. The dates for the event were shifted from August 24th – 26th to October 12th – 14th due to the announcement of the General Election by Prime Minister Portia. The Election will be held on 27th of August a day after the original date of Cure Fest before it was changed.

While serving his nine years at the Tower Street Correctional Centre, Jah Cure has voiced over a dozen hit songs such as ‘Love Is’, ‘Longing For’, ‘True Reflection’ etc…. You can also lookout for his Album entitled ‘True Reflection’ to be release on July 31st by VP Records.


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Posted by Marvin | July 28, 2007 3:47 PM

Babylon can't hold you down jah cure, time fi show them how a artiste you are I will be at those events

Posted by Kay | July 28, 2007 4:08 PM

They can't keep a good man down freedom atlast

Posted by Jason | July 28, 2007 6:11 PM

well now he's out lets see how long he can stay out of trouble for

Germain dyer:
Posted by Germain dyer | July 28, 2007 6:45 PM

I have read the rest of commens and it's true baby cham is always on top of his games and he might be one of the only artiste who has a clean heart

Posted by Steelie | July 28, 2007 7:15 PM

freedom is a must I know, jahcure deh road

Alan samms:
Posted by Alan samms | July 28, 2007 7:23 PM

i never knew this day would rapist deh a road again, well him serve him time so guess is only him alone can send him self back a prison

Posted by Lione | July 28, 2007 7:31 PM

hey the man serve him time please low di man mek him prosper

Posted by Blingas | July 28, 2007 8:47 PM

free like bird in the sky, yes jah cure full time let you out

Posted by Chille | July 28, 2007 9:18 PM

I am glad he's out now I only hope he was not guilty, but then again ven if he's guilty he already did his time

Posted by Clive | July 28, 2007 9:41 PM

he must be feeling good to be on the road now, freedom is a hell of a thing to loose

sexy jamaican gal:
Posted by sexy jamaican gal | August 29, 2007 3:21 AM

i am glad to here that he's out. Need a date longing for a rasta life you.

Posted by mark | June 11, 2008 8:28 AM

does anyone know where i can find marvin james 186 song i'll be around to purchase

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