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Fire man Capleton a veteran of dancehall/reggae tradition

capletonfireman_gaymungagirls.jpgCapleton, one of the veterans of the dancehall reggae tradition that produced hip-hop crossover Sean Paul, is big enough to book a show at the 1,000-capacity Majestic Theatre -- not small potatoes for a genre that isn't exactly mainstream, no matter how many times you put "Buffalo Soldier" on repeat. A well-traveled Rasta who knows how to put on a show, Capleton was given the nickname in honor of his oratorical skills, based on a well-known Jamaican lawyer during his youth. (He was born Clifton George Bailey III.) He arrives in Detroit fresh off a number of east-coast shows and a six-week tour of Europe. He spoke to the Free Press as he traveled between Virginia and Washington, D.C.

QUESTION: How are audiences in Europe different from those in America?

ANSWER: In Europe it's definitely different. The people of Europe love the music. They cherish it. They give off a different kind of energy. It's unbelievable. You have to really see it for yourself. Even though they speak different languages, they sing the songs word for word. I went to some places there like Israel, Czech Republic, Serbia, Reunion Island. I've been to France, Germany, Belgium, Italy, Spain, Switzerland. People in Europe love music like food. The American people love it differently.

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