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Dancehall singer Wayne Wonders "Again"

wayne_wonder_hotnakedgirls_nuderihanna.jpgWayne Wonder has released Again, the single of Summer CD, Foreva, which will be accessible to the public, Monday, July 30 of this year. In doing so, Wayne, along with director Jay Will, and video producer Carlene Samuels embarked on making a video for his single. As Jay Will guides Wayne and his on-screen girlfriend, played by Renee throughout the video, a story comes to life.

The main themes were love and compromise starting off with Wayne having to leave home to go on tour. He becomes pre-occupied reminiscing on what it would be like if his girlfriend were by his side. Wayne continues to ponder on his life throughout most of the video in scenes filmed at Fort Rocky, Port Royal.

Despite the fact that the concept is one which Wayne occasionally utilizes, his video is different. Staging the scenes around the life of a musician whose career gets in the way of his relationship- Again, may be considered as a personal facet of Wayne Wonder’s life when compared to his earlier publicized videos.



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Posted by Mell | July 15, 2007 12:06 AM

I love this man's voice. Don't mind he has a face only a mother can love, his voice give me goose bumps and all the hair on the back of my neck stand up. *sigh*

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