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Dancehall duo RDX attacked at Dutty Fridaze - caught up in dancer disagreement

RDX_dancersbeeniemand%27angel_sexybeyonce.jpgDuo RDX, who have been enjoying great success with their hit singles "Dance" feat. Jigsy and "Everybody Dance" have been caught up in an argument between dancers Dr Bird and 50 Cent aka Sick n Head, who knowingly have been fighting over a dance move known as "New York New York".

At about 6.30 am on Saturday morning, July 7th, RDX were present at Dutty Fridaze at Fletcher Land Square and the selector played their latest single, in which the dance by Dr Bird is featured. RDX were enjoying themselves dancing alongside dancers such as Kadillac Dancers, Ice, Gana Gana and Collo Collo Squad.

50 Cent, the only remaining member of Sick n Head dancers and only remaining Frass Crew dancer then announced again that Dr Bird stole his dance move which eventually resulted in crowd support for Dr Bird.

RDX and their road manager Lester Gayle were then asked by gunmen affiliated with Frass Crew to step into a yard and Daddy Frass alongside his entourage and the dancer 50 Cent proceeded to verbally attack and threaten RDX for supporting Dr Bird.

RDX wished to stay out of any argument as the disagreement over the creation of the dance move is not of their concern but Daddy Frass and his men continued to threaten the artistes unnecessarily.

RDX are not pleased by this and find the behaviour of Daddy frass and the Frass Crew very disturbing and inappropriate. Daddy Frass is already known for threatening and attacking other dancers and industry members and therefore RDX have contacted the area leader in charge of Fletcher Land and a meeting with all parties involved will be scheduled shortly.


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Posted by DancinReppin | March 24, 2008 2:46 AM

where is fletchers land square in kingston, jamaica----im trying to go to dutty fridaze....thanxxx,,please

Posted by Anonymous | April 3, 2008 11:50 AM

di man dem fi stop pirate di man dem dance an guh build dem own

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