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Dancehall artiste Assassin needed only one 'shot'

assassin_sexygirlshotnude_spraggabenz.jpgIt’s not often that an aspiring deejay on his very first attempt at making a career out of dancehall actually does. But living up to his epithet, Assassin only needed one shot. In the summer of 1999, just one year shy of his graduation from Kingston, Jamaica’s Camperdown High School, the Assassin-so named by schoolmates who during cafeteria clashes witnessed, time and again, his lyrical dexterity cause his contenders' demise-was welcomed into the fold of the dancehall fraternity.

His signature slogan ‘Versatile’ aptly summarizes Assassin, as he eases through several topics in his cutting lyrics. From We A De Roughest, to Girls Gone Wild to Idiot Ting Dat to Naw Mad Ova None to Anywhere We Go to Gully Sit'n to No Boring Gal. With his biting lyrics and clever phrases he has stood out amongst his colleagues and can be seen as the next flag bearer on the international front.