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Brick & Lace - The Thorbourne twosome takes up

sexybrick%26lace_akonrihanna.jpgOne time trio, Brick&Lace has emerged stronger, sexier and sassier than ever as the stylish twosome of Nailah and Nyanda. Former member, Tasha resigned from the frontlines but remains with the group as part of their strong support structure.

In their new sleeker form, the ladies, continue to entertain by capturing characteristics from genres such as reggae, dancehall, hip hop, old soul, and R&B.

Indeed, who they are is evident in their moniker: “Our mother came up with the name ‘Lace’ and we immediately liked it,” explains the incisively passionate Nyanda. “But we still felt that there was an edge missing, so I came up with ‘Brick.’ It has stuck with us ever since and has evolved with us.”

To the ladies of Brick&Lace, their name represents the duality and complexity of the everywoman. “Sometimes you want to wear a cap and sneakers and look grimy,” Nyanda tells. “And sometimes you want to wear your sexy dress and heels and look cute.” Nailah puts it all in perspective: “People always ask: ‘Who is Brick&Lace?’ And we always tell them it depends on the day!”

Like the best cooperative artists, each sister has her specialized lane. Nailah on Nyanda: “Her voice, tone and stylizing and the way she spits her lyrics is edgy. She loves to push the envelope.” Nyanda on Nailah: “She is versatile with a more R&B slant. She has a lot of presence and whatever emotion we need to get out of a record, she gets it, she’s there.” This versatility jives with the arsenal of the producers assembled for Wicked: most notably AKON, WILL.I.AM, RON FAIR, COOL & DRE, and Tony “CD” Kelly.

The dynamic duo has recently completed the ‘Sweet Escape’ tour with Gwen Stefani and Akon and has returned to Jamaica. “Every chance we get, we return home since it’s only an hour away from Florida- where we live”, says Nailah and Nyanda. Though while on the island they have work to do; continuing album production for Love Is Wicked and recording a couple videos throughout their stay.

The diverse quality that makes up Love Is Wicked is exceptional, even though some individuals may be familiar with the sound. Nailah and Nyanda show more mature sides yet maintain the exuberant, down to earth portrayal of their experiences and ideals. Due to this eminence, Brick&Lace have been able to attract attention from many labels such as Kon Live, 180 Ent. and Geffen Universal, of which they are signed to. Additionally they are signed to Sony Music Publishing which has allowed the Love Is Wicked single on the upcoming Bratz Movie soundtrack.

Unfortunately, the ladies have not disclosed any information on shows or tours for the future- only hinting a possibility of a performance in the United States of America alongside Fergie. On the other hand, we guarantee that you will be seeing and hearing more from them.


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da great 1:
Posted by da great 1 | February 24, 2008 6:33 PM

ur'll alright pertaining to ur song "love is wicked" it made me get closer to ur by listen to ur songs which i never did so just keep making good music 4 me irie.

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