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Beenie the king of Controversy - Will he lose his crown to a Queen?

beenieman_d%27angelsexyhot_bountykiller.jpgFrom his first major stage appearance at the Nelson Mandela stage show in 1991, Beenie man’s career has been splintered with controversy. Unlike his immediate counterpart, Bounty Killa, The self proclaimed King of the Dancehall has kept his career buoyant during rough times by weaving a hypnotic web of hits and hearsay.

In early 1996, Beenie Man learned accidentally that no publicity was bad publicity when an appearance on the Rupaul Show sparked the biggest Dancehall Melee of the nineties, when he allegedly kissed the show’s host Rupaul, a noted American Transvestite.

This small “mistake” placed Beenie on the American Social radar. The following year in 1997, his album entitled “The Many Moods of Moses” sold gold worldwide.

Lauded by the critics as one of the dancehall genre’s best albums, it placed him on the international entertainment map and on the road to Grammy stardom. This he achieved in 2000 with the album Art&Life, copping the reggae award for that same year.

Throughout his two decade career, he has sparred with many and in most recent times, the best, such as Ninja Man, T.O.K, Twins of Twins, Don Mafia, Patrick Roberts,
The Marley family, Vybez Kartel, and the on again off again feud with his nemesis Bounty Killa, just to keep the list short.

Not to forget his rack of road accidents, partly induced by his daily Hennessey habit, and a dose of impatience, eventually led to his near fatal accident in 2004, almost costing the resilient lucky star a lung. Yet he recovered and during all the mishaps and near-misses, the printing presses and the internet blogs have ricocheted news worldwide, keeping him buoyant in the limelight.

It’s ironic. It seems every time the world begins to hate Beenie Man, he has something up his sleeve to make us love him again.

Case in point, his alleged 10 month feud starting in mid 2004 with Dancehall Star Bogle aka Mr.Wacky, eventually led to the unsolved murder of the world famous dancer.

Beenie Man cried publicly on national television, even pledging a ransom of one million Jamaican dollars, and subsequently released a heartfelt single “Frame I” that shot to number one in less than two weeks. At home and abroad we forgave and forgot, even though some doubted.

By the end of the year Beenie was once again on his one man publicity bandwagon sparking the 2005-2006 lyrical war with Bounty Killa that ended with Beenie Man dating Bounti Killa’s ex-girlfriend, D’Angel.

This seeded deep-rooted bad vibes, igniting the 2006-2007 feuds, the most intense lyrical battle between the two since their burgeoning days of the early nineties.

Young bloods in the business such as Vybz Kartel, Busy Signal, Idonia amongst others, began choosing battle grounds and the bitterness blew up in to a literal segregation of the Dancehall genre. The Alliance and Mafia House were born.

The intense lyrical battled that ensued dipped Dancehall into a sad déjà vu of the nineties. Lyrical copper shots it seemed had gone nuclear, leaving public radio yearning for good music, and paved the way open for Da'Ville, Etana, Alaine, Tessane Chin, and a slew of patient talents to showcase their wares.

The bold stated fact that the Radio wasn’t listening, and the people were weary of the war allowed the fact that the world was leaving them and their allies behind to slowly sink in.

Bounty exited the melee quietly, and placed Mavado in the limelight as his protégé’ diverting attention from himself to the next big thing. Beenie on the other hand took it to the next level and married D’Angel in a whirlwind garden fantasy wedding, setting the notion that they were Jamaica’s biggest superstar couple since Bob Marley and Rita.

Once again we became hypnotized by the two step magic of Beenie Man.

Hype and then Hits.

The Husband and wife couple blew 2006 away and Marco Dean the princely offspring of the two, entered early 2007 with a bang. Life was nice and we all loved Beenie Man once more.

But in most recent times, it seems this one man PR press is running out of juice.
His recent breakup with his hit making writer, Don Mafia, his fallout with his stable Shocking Vibes and now his public marital breakup with wife and business partner D’Angel, has surely battered the Artistes public image and has reflected poorly to his fans worldwide. The fights, gossip regarding the legitimacy of Marco Dean and public disrespect on both sides have led fans and critics alike to believe the marriage is on the rocks and Beenie is losing his star power.

Could it be true? His questionable financial status, the lack of a major label and a reputable management team leaves us to wonder and question the potency of this once lethal superstar. Still fans have stuck by like loyal subjects giving Beenie Man the Number One single Nation wide in summer 2007, undoubtedly cementing the fact that he is the reigning King of the Dancehall.

Hype then Hits. The magic of Beenie Man. The King of the Dancehall.

But this time, will he lose his crown to a Queen ?


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Posted by banky | July 30, 2007 12:30 PM

he's has been through so much and no one did not wanted to gave him the crown so him give him self the titled and people accept can you beleieve he's really something

Posted by vivian | July 30, 2007 12:59 PM

beenie man is the only deejay that trouble follows like how yuh shadow stick to you, but him always mek a hype off his troubles

Posted by sharell | July 30, 2007 1:03 PM

biggest mistake the doctor make was when hr got married to the witch, look how he mek bounty life salt what him did expect that him could cure har

Posted by Ashanti_18 | July 30, 2007 1:14 PM

beenie man is not a artiste who i liked in as a person but career wise he's damn good

Posted by TT | July 30, 2007 1:52 PM

beenie man a born trouble maker and the one barbie she fooll mek beenie man used har fi get one whole week a press front page, beenie man just know hw fi used and refused them

Posted by regina_gal | July 30, 2007 2:32 PM

there can only be one king and that his beenie man the king of dancehall who nuh like it can bite it

Out A Yuh Mind:
Posted by Out A Yuh Mind | July 30, 2007 2:35 PM

Okay let me get this straight. He has the number one tune on every major reggae chart. 3 hot songs and videos running di place. Demolished Sumfest and you claim he is losing his star power?

Posted by Carie | July 30, 2007 2:45 PM

beenie man is a sell out ras, he's no king of dancehall, but i know for sure that he's the king of commercial rasta

Posted by Samoya | July 30, 2007 3:57 PM

Moses u is the rod of correction, mi luv how u set tings straight b 4 the witch get di chance fi mek up stories bout u. She is a gold digger, run har nuh tek har back she dis di king u deserve betta.

Mi cant understand how she a change man soh, kfc and burger king keep dem customer y cant she just settle down and keep her husband and play a mother role for her child, time u put down di change a man ting, u is now a wife, bigger tings to think about......

Posted by Fire | July 30, 2007 7:02 PM

he may be called beenie man to emphasise his small structure, but he has a big heart. he is not afraid to express his true self, something that many entertainers are afraid to do. as for his career he has done very well, he is naturally gifted, so who god bless, no man curse. no one is perfect, if his marriage is over its just reality, they have a son together and there is no greater gift than life. think positive.

Posted by PurpleSkunk | July 30, 2007 7:05 PM

For those who don't know

Some Strange But True Beenie Man Facts

1. all beenie man albums efforts combined have not sold 1 million records.

2. Beenie Man is the only person in the world to have turned over a hummer on paved public roadway.

3. He consumes the most Hennessy in Jamaica per day than any other single individual living or staying in Jamaica at any moment in time

4. He is the only Artistes who momma has not been "upgraded".

5. Beenie Man has never dated a woman of any significant appeal his best yet "Dancehall Queen Carlene"

6. Beenie Man has no female approach, look how him do Spice after she refuse him 2am in the morning naked at har room door.

7.Beenie man had more minor and major road accidents than any other artistes in the business for 2004

8. He still Loves Angel. Badly

9. He Wonders About Marko Dean

10. He doesn't own a car of his own

Posted by djill | July 30, 2007 8:50 PM

boy o boy this young man life is not short of events at all. he deserves true happiness. To be honest he is all good lyrically, but he really needs to make manly decisions. i think he is too easily influenced by woman..... BROWINNGSS

Posted by Yawd | July 30, 2007 11:47 PM

Beenie Man need to change his dynamics. In order for a King to maintain his Throne, he MUST tend to his Castle, Respect his staff and embrace most of all the Peasants. Under-estimate them, and he'll be a King in Exile!

Posted by shondel | July 31, 2007 1:06 AM

mi always say hat beenie is an idiot look at his carreer it sliping away i always say that beeine is an trouble maker, to get back at the killer you see what he does married an fallen angel, killer batter crep now the table has turned on him, he is like an laughting stock. beenie,angle has know brakes she alway going to ride out.beenie is too glutton she use food to capture him,,ahahahahahahahahahahahahahhhhaaaahh

Posted by David | August 1, 2007 8:55 PM

Han up inna de air an let me hear you holla no no
Neva s**k no pu$$y neva fu*k no ba**y

__ ___ __ __

min yu brok de glass
some bwoy haffi move off a di wrong path
mek de riddim start
to BUMBA CLA*T --- star --

Dis gyal walk inna mi life wit a crazy merchant love dat she found
I know she freaky but no gyal cyan tek mi straw
an all de funny girls ah been ah aroun
ah neva once bow on down...
an stay from off di groun--

Le mi 'ear some gun shot inna de air
no gyal neva sit inna yu face like chair
she haffi find herself some other guy
a mi she BAD man don’t live dream
me nuh nyam empress nor Queen
she have to find herself some other guy

gyal suc* yu wood an yu decide
yu ah lick e back
beau cat come drink out a yu glass
yu ah lick e back
man ah wha dat man, a wha dat man?

yu an ba**y man a pat
yu ah lick e back
yu a stash out inna ba**y man car
yu ah lick e back
mi 'ear seh
Bumba cleat!

Well dat nuh right
Man ah eat dip pu$$y like a rice
Some man a don a day, but dem a vamps inna night! ….

zagga zow:
Posted by zagga zow | August 7, 2007 4:56 AM

beenie man his the king tune a the year back it up nuff hot song ft alaine ft barbee ft idonia an you a talk about man losing crown to who when the smoke clear beenie man his the man no angel no alliance no one believe angle lies but haters how we cant see the evidence an why when the police them come them never lock up beenie man there his no evidence angel his a lying cow his cant mash up beenie man not even a bullet in him heart can do that angel flop like dog now she take it harder a than beenie man me can tell you that because she now say she make a mistake people only want to hear this lie from angel in the heat of the moment but watch when the smoke clear mafiahouse mi sey zagga zow beenie man fi life

Posted by Anonymous | September 5, 2007 7:46 PM

betwenie kiss a ba**y man that mean him a ba**y man bullet jah p

Terry Mutsvanga:
Posted by Terry Mutsvanga | November 29, 2007 3:17 AM

No matter what dey say the doctor is still tje king .All Zimbabwe massive love the doctor.Respect

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