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July 31, 2007

The Alliance leading selector Foota Hype was arrested on Gun charge

footahype_bountykillermavado.jpgFoota Hype the leading selector of the Bounty Killer led Alliance was arrested and charged with illegal possession of firearm and ammunition.

According to police report Foota Hype was held in Cassava Piece sitting in the vehicle that was used to commit the crime. Up on searching the car 10 rounds of ammunition were found wrapped in paper and the other 10 rounds were still in the magazine of an Ultra Star 9mm semi-automatic pistol.

The Constant Spring police went in search for the selector after suspecting that he was involved in a drive by shooting that took place earlier on St. John’s Lane.

Due to minor problems at the Constant Spring holding facility, Foota Hype was transferred to the Red Hills Road lock up, St. Andrew.

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The Turks and Caicos Music Festival - More Than Music

india-arie_sexybeyoncerihanna.jpgSet in the glistening waters of the Caribbean Sea, the Turks and Caicos Islands is a destination of cultural and entertainment activities. One of these many activities is the fourth annual Music and Cultural Festival. The Turks and Caicos Music Festival offers each visitor a chance to experience a star filled event that is sure to delight.

Set to take place on Monday, July 30 to Monday, August 6 at Turtle Cove Marina on Providenciales, the annual event hosted by the Turks and Caicos Tourist Board and was first introduced in 2003. Since then the festival has grown to attract a following of over 8,000 people, and with good reason, as the festival offers so much more than just music.

Other than a line up that includes the likes of five-time Grammy winner John Legend, American soul singer Micheal Bolton, song stresses India.Arie and Alicia Keys, country singer Kenny Rogers and R&B American soul singer Freddie Jackson- there are countless other cultural, outdoor and fun activities to discover while at the festival.

Lyrics and mp3

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Rapper T.I. and Michael Bolton to close Turks & Caicos Music Festival

rapper_TIandmichaelbolton_rihanna.jpgBig Things are definitely popping, to paraphrase T. I.'s newest smash hit, as the closing night for the 2007 Turks & Caicos Music and Cultural Festival closes out with mega superstars T.I. and Michael Bolton. T.I., voted best Hip-Hop artist of the year at the recent BET Awards, is closing out this year's Festival on a night that will have audiences truly enjoying a well rounded night of entertainment, comedy and music.

"By far, this is the best closing night of the Festival that we have ever had." said Ralph Higgs, Director of Tourism Marketing for the Turks & Caicos Tourist Board. "Getting T.I. to close the Festival will insure that everyone who attends will have great memories that last a lifetime" he added. "Plus Michael Bolton will certainly have all the lovers in the mood with his dynamic show, and the all-star list of comedians will make sure everyone is feeling happy and in a good mood, too!"

Michael Bolton is extremely happy to be performing at this year's festival. "It's my honor to share this music, and these moments, with my fans!" he said. In addition to T.I., Michael Bolton, the Sunday night entertainment will also feature a night of comedy featuring international comedy stars, Beth Payne, Michael Colyar, Shirley Underwood and Jamaica's own PaleFace.

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July 30, 2007

Beenie the king of Controversy - Will he lose his crown to a Queen?

beenieman_d%27angelsexyhot_bountykiller.jpgFrom his first major stage appearance at the Nelson Mandela stage show in 1991, Beenie man’s career has been splintered with controversy. Unlike his immediate counterpart, Bounty Killa, The self proclaimed King of the Dancehall has kept his career buoyant during rough times by weaving a hypnotic web of hits and hearsay.

In early 1996, Beenie Man learned accidentally that no publicity was bad publicity when an appearance on the Rupaul Show sparked the biggest Dancehall Melee of the nineties, when he allegedly kissed the show’s host Rupaul, a noted American Transvestite.

This small “mistake” placed Beenie on the American Social radar. The following year in 1997, his album entitled “The Many Moods of Moses” sold gold worldwide.

Lauded by the critics as one of the dancehall genre’s best albums, it placed him on the international entertainment map and on the road to Grammy stardom. This he achieved in 2000 with the album Art&Life, copping the reggae award for that same year.

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Brick & Lace - The Thorbourne twosome takes up

sexybrick%26lace_akonrihanna.jpgOne time trio, Brick&Lace has emerged stronger, sexier and sassier than ever as the stylish twosome of Nailah and Nyanda. Former member, Tasha resigned from the frontlines but remains with the group as part of their strong support structure.

In their new sleeker form, the ladies, continue to entertain by capturing characteristics from genres such as reggae, dancehall, hip hop, old soul, and R&B.

Indeed, who they are is evident in their moniker: “Our mother came up with the name ‘Lace’ and we immediately liked it,” explains the incisively passionate Nyanda. “But we still felt that there was an edge missing, so I came up with ‘Brick.’ It has stuck with us ever since and has evolved with us.”

Lyrics and mp3

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July 29, 2007

R&B Singer Usher and girlfriend Tameka Foster canceled wedding

usher_and%20girlfriend_tameka.jpg28 year-old R&B sensation Usher and his would be 37 year-old wife Tameka Foster will no longer walk down the aisle.

According to a source close to the couple gets to understand that Usher’s mother and former manager was apart of the problem. It was reported that Usher’s mother who’s against the wedding got invited to the ceremony at the last minute and with her disapproval there will be no wedding.

There were also disagreements between the couple of where the wedding reception should be held. It was said that Usher wanted a upscale reception with dinner from chef Jean Georges, while the his lovely girlfriend Foster wanted a backyard barbecue. According to the source their wedding arrangements was just only two weeks old.
That was quick.

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Jah Cure freed! Relaxing at The Hilton Kingston Hotel

By Lloyd Laing aka Gibbi Geraz

jahcure_release_reggaemother.jpgAs Jah Cure sat in the Jonkanoo Lounge, basking in the attention of his release party, a sense of disconnection garnished the artistes face periodically. It was as though he was here with us in body, but truly in spirit, at times, he seemed to be somewhere else. Probably missing the few friends made behind bars during these last eight years.

Or was he reflecting on the immediate future?

The artiste release from incarceration sets the pace for a highly anticipated comeback.
His musical premonitions from behind bars such as “Love is”, “Reflections”, and “A Place called Jamaica”, have emulated a standard of quality and class of which Reggae has not seen in years.

The impact of his music on the global scene, has made Jah Cure a household name, establishing the fledging artiste as a brand, and attracting the attention of industry stalwart Dangazone Records.

Lyrics and mp3

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July 28, 2007

Jamaican reggae singer Jah Cure is freed!

By Out&Bad

jahcure_curefest_prisonwallsfreed.jpgReggae singer Jah Cure walked out of the Tower Street Adult Correctional Centre today as a free man after serving nine long years behind bars. reached on the scene in time to see the joy and happiness on the faces of his family members and close friends when he burst through the doors.

According to Jah Cure’s publicist Allison Young the big celebration will now officially take place at the Ruins in Ocho Rios which will last for two days and then from there to James Bond Beach, Oracabessa. The dates for the event were shifted from August 24th – 26th to October 12th – 14th due to the announcement of the General Election by Prime Minister Portia. The Election will be held on 27th of August a day after the original date of Cure Fest before it was changed.

While serving his nine years at the Tower Street Correctional Centre, Jah Cure has voiced over a dozen hit songs such as ‘Love Is’, ‘Longing For’, ‘True Reflection’ etc…. You can also lookout for his Album entitled ‘True Reflection’ to be release on July 31st by VP Records.

Dancehall artiste Baby Cham - 'Di story teller is back

babycham_ghettostory_hotgirlsmodels.jpgCham has been on a hot run on the international music scene with his hit song, Ghetto Story and the official remix to Mims tune, This Is Why I'm Hot, also done with Junior Reid.

Well Cham recently released a couple songs to radio and shot music videos for them. Conscience, is a real conscious tune that is so powerful that it doesn't require forceful delivery. It is geared towards the wrong-doers of our societies and simply gets right to the meat of the matter from the very first line: "What could a possess a man, to turn a AK47 on a young woman/ And have the heart to send her go to neverland". As the song progresses, it gets increasingly deep.

Lyrics and mp3

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Creative dancer Latonya "Style" aim and achievements

latonyastyles_sexygirlhot_mrvegasdancehall1.jpgStage Name: Latonya “Style”

D.O.B.: July 3, 1985 [Cancer]

Titles: Dancer / Choreographer / Dance Instructor

Creative, Meticulous, Versatile, Amiable

Dance Skills/Styles:
Reggae/Dancehall, Hip Hop, African, Modern, Folk, Salsa & Soca

Experience: Over 16 years- dance and choreography (locally and internationally)

Countries Visited: Japan, China, U.S.A., Canada, Costa Rica, Mexico, St. Lucia, Barbados,
Grand Cayman

Goals: To promote dancehall/reggae dancing to the fullest
To travel the world and share cultural experiences
To be a successful entrepreneur in the entertainment industry

# Member of Ashe Academy Performing Arts Group (1994-1998)
# Member of Queens Dance Troupe (Gold medal winners at JCDC Dance Finals) (1992-1996)

Lyrics and mp3

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July 27, 2007

Busy Signal discusses election, his album and the music

By Kon-Vick writer

busysignal_mavadobountykiller_girls.jpg“These are the flipping days,
Juvenile a run di street with dem flipping Ks,
Yow you caan even rest in piece in you flipping grave...”

- These are some of the words Busy Signal chanted in his present hit song titled ‘The Days’.

The election is looming and like many dancehall artistes Busy Signal is concerned with its staging. Speaking with Busy Signal voiced his opinion on the election, wishing for it to be a peaceful staging where the youths from the garrisons rest the Ks, even though these are the days.

“Mi a beg all di hot head in the ghetto, hot head in a di trenches, hot head in a di gully and the banks, south, east, west and north hear mi, just stay focus”, he told He added: “…it is not fair - these guys only come around when they need votes and offer wi a bag a things and trick we.”

“It is better you give us medications for our kids and put in place proper education facilities and most importantly create jobs for the youths them because that is better than giving them a one or two grand. It’s time for us to realize as a people that it’s the same things happened every time; them fix some little potholes and make us offers that they never fulfilled. How do they feel when these people are killing each other for a few dollars?” Signal reasoned while we conduct this interview under an ackee tree at Solid Agency office.

Lyrics and mp3

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Reggae singer Courtney John takes a taxi

CourtneyJohn_reggaemodels.jpgRadio in Jamaica and Europe have been heavily rotating, the smooth sexy vocals from Courtney John’s latest single “Baby Tonight” on Sly & Robbie’s Taxi record label.

“Baby Tonight” is one of the singles taken from Sly and Robbie’s current riddim, ‘Baltimore’, the same haunting melody and song which was a hit for ‘The Tamlins’ in back in 1978.

“Baby Tonight” will also be on Courtney’s highly anticipated second album “Unselfish” due for release late September 2007, until its release fans can get their Courtney fix by checking out his stylish, brand new website

Courtney will also be going back to his birth parish of St Mary, Jamaica to join Capleton and many others at ‘St Mary Mi Come From’ August 5 2007.

Lyrics and mp3

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July 26, 2007

50 Cent and The Game back together?

50gamehiphopjayz.jpgRumors of friendship filled the air of 50 Cent and The Game getting back together. This means The Game will once again be shouting GGGGGGGunit, but the question concerned fans are asking - is this true?

Well according to gossip website MediaTakeout, The Game has agreed to do a collaboration with 50 Cent for his album, ‘Curtis’ – this album will be The Game’s forth album.

After throwing heated words at G-unit for several months and has created is own fan base – how will he manages to have those fans shouting G-unit also or will they think that he’s nothing but a ‘game’.

Lyrics and mp3

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Voxonic Inc. Set To Release New Album With Ky-Mani Marley

kymanimarley_bobmarley_juniorgong.jpgKy-Mani Marley, international reggae phenomenon and son of the iconic Bob Marley, serves as the premiere artist for the newly launched label.

With reggae music finding mainstream success in the United States and abroad, the crossover appeal of superstar talent such as Sean Paul, Elephant Man, and Wayne Wonder has resonated with artists creating fan bases worldwide. Now Ky-Mani Marley, international reggae phenomenon and son of the iconic Bob Marley, is giving back to his fans in a whole new way.

Marley serves as the premiere artist for the newly launched VOX Music Group, an independent record label created by Voxonic Inc., innovators of a patent voice conversion technology which can convert songs into over 1,400 languages with a 99% accuracy and voice retention rate. Marley will be releasing his first album in five years on the label, with various singles to be released in languages such as Spanish and French.

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July 25, 2007

Busy Signal lyrics & video for "These Are The F**king Days"

Got to get my break
got to keep my head up

These are the f**king days
when di gal dem in them teens have the f**king aids
nuff youth nuh have degrees
nut but them the grades
picture this and try fi see it with you f**king ears

These are f**king times
when you sneakers aint your only nines
some whe cry pon Jesus a them commit the crimes
nuff illiterate and still a read in between di lines

High pitch!
Those are the f**king dudes
claim! dem a you friend and want you f**king food
den! some dem a rob, while some a dem a rape, while some a dem a kill,
while some a dem a shoot,
is like we need a rated R pon di f**kin news"

Lyrics and mp3

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Buju Banton's management team denies signing of gay contract

By: Kon-Vick posted a story on July 24 reporting that one of Dancehall’s Reggae giants Buju Banton signed a contract deal with Gay Rights - who are heavily promoting the Stop Murder Music Campaign against several big names in the dancehall arena, such as Beenie Man, Bounty Killer, Elephant Man, Vybz Kartel, T.O.K. and Gargamel himself. So far stories have been posted on several international websites saying that Beenie Man, Capleton, Sizzla and Buju Banton had signed a three year contract pledging not to perform any violent anti-gay bashing music and should uphold a philosophy of love, respect for all.

But according to, Buju Banton’s management team denies any such action of making contractual agreement with Gay Rights activist. - “It’s just a bunch of gay lies”

Lyrics and mp3

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Caribbean Pop/R&B star Rihanna can now be listed as a Chart Topper

By: C Basil writer


Caribbean Pop star Rihanna who has made a rapid growth in the music industry is now one of the seventh artistes who's song rocks the #1 spot on UKs Chart for 10 weeks.

According to critics, Rihanna is here to stay. Rihanna who's only 19 years old has sure gained better honors than most of her peers who are in the Pop/R&B arena for years.

According to her website, Rihanna boasted about her love for music and the hard work. "It always seemed glamorous but it is real work," she says on her website. "My love for music and singing will never change but the rose-coloured glasses are no longer so rosy."

Lyrics and mp3

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July 24, 2007

Buju Banton is no longer wanted by Gay Rights

By: Kon-Vick
OutAroad/Staff writer

buju_bantongays_sexybeyonce.jpgHardcore dancehall artiste Buju Banton joins Beenie Man and Sizzla on their campaign of not doing violent songs against any class or race. This contract is led by the Gay Rights community and their aim is to have all dancehall/reggae artistes sign this contractual agreement.

Wanted by Gay Rights
Elephant Man, TOK, Bounty Killa and Vybz Kartel are the other artistes that the Gay Rights group said needs to sign this contract in order for gay people to support their career. It is evident that since this immense campaign Jamaican artistes who were on the list of singing violent anti-gay lyrics have lost in total more than over 6 million dollars yearly. went on the road and asked the question, “Do you think Jamaican artistes should yield to Gay Rights Group, of not having the rights to do violent anti-gay lyrics?

Dumar, age: 23, “I am not a supporter for the gay people but I think both parties need to sign, meaning, I am not comfortable with gay people hugging in public because I have children and what do you think my kids will believe when they see two men hugging and kissing in public – and that is not right and I would love for the gay people to look at it from that point of view. And them damn artiste are the ones who cost this plague on themselves because you only sings about things that you are afraid to be because them are not man enough, from you know that you will not let a next stand behind you, don’t sing about these people.”

Lyrics and mp3

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Jamaica's Jovi Rockwell rocks her energy towards her upcoming album

sexyjovirockwell_beyoncerihanna.jpgJovi Rockwell is taking her career by stride living by those words she stated in an interview with Headlines!. After touring and performing at various shows in 2005 and 2006, she has decided to settle down and complete her album, which will be released by late fall.

Though some songs on the CD were written and released in 2006, there is more in store for you, her loyal listeners. With eclectic musical rhythms, artistic collaborations, thought provoking lyrics, kinetic dance energy and sultry singing style, Ms. Rockwell has put together a therapeutic CD perfect for people rocking alone or rocking with someone.

All about Love and Hey have been well-received by fans worldwide but the attention has now shifted to her newest single with Mr. Vegas, titled You’re Gonna Need Me. Dressed down to a tank top and boy shorts Jovi rocks the video with Vegas well. Director, Mark Humphrey introduced his concept based on the movie-The Devil’s Rejects; subsequently filming in California at the scene of the movie.

Lyrics and mp3

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July 23, 2007

Ja Rule and Lil Wayne arrested on gun charge

By: Kon-Vick writer

lilwayne_jarulehiphop_50cent.jpgHip-hop stars Lil Wayne and Ja Rule have been arrested in New York on charges of carrying illegal firearms.

According to police reports the two were arrested separately after leaving a concert in Manhattan. Ja Rule, whose real name is Jeff Atkins, was pulled over by cops for speeding. During the process a weapon was discovered in the car.

It was a same case scenario for Lil Wayne whose real name is Dwayne Carter. When his vehicle was searched a Pistol was found in his possession and he was also charged for smoking marijuana.

Up until press time tried to get comments from both rappers management team but no was available for commenting on the matter.

Lyrics and mp3

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Beenie Man and his wife D'Angel not getting along - Beenie sleeping out

By Chat Too Much


Yes people, I am fresh and blessed on the scene, and as you can see my name is Chat Too Much.

Yes, is me Mavado big up inna him song dem. For real Mavado give thanx for bussing me on the scene, because I am going to chat every body business.

D'Angel and Beenie Man
Yes, I can bet a lot of you never knew that Beenie Man is not sleeping at home when night time comes. After the Doctor a come home to surprise him wife, I heard that when him took out his secret key and open the door - him see a note weh seh - I am in New York, will be back home soon.

Lyrics and mp3

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July 22, 2007

Mavado, Busy Signal, Idonia, or Munga - Who will be the last man standing

By: Out&Bad


Between the years 2006-2007, the dancehall fraternity has witnessed four new artistes who have definitely made a mark in the industry. All four came along with a catchy slang that has now become an everyday language flowing from the mouths of teenagers and grown ups.

The first one on the battle field was Busy Signal, who definitely stuck to the definition of his name and had the place busy. Within a few months he had the whole place shouting “Sound The Big Thing Dem” - he also made a promised to his fans that he’s
“Not Going Down”.
This promise, he manages to maintain even though a few months back, Busy had lost every bit of his ‘Signals’. He was however quick on his thoughts to realise that “These Are The Flipping Days”.

Next on the agenda was Idddddddd donia, who got his big break by following the clashing trends of Bounty Killer and Beenie Man. This trend he directed primarily at Busy Signal, though he threw words at Don Corleone, and Cool Face to name a few. With the strong lyrical content that he was spitting out, there is no way Busy Signal could have “Step Out” and competed with Aidonia.

Lyrics and mp3

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Kelly Rowland - Sexy Ms. Kelly 'Destiny' fulfilled

kellyrowlandsexy_hotnakedrihanna.jpgThey say that change can be a good thing. Just ask Kelly Rowland, a founding member of Destiny's Child, the top-selling female recording group of all-time, and a best-selling Grammy-winning solo artist in her own right.

By 2006, Destiny's Child had wrapped the group's "Destiny Fulfilled" farewell tour and Kelly Rowland -- who'd successfully debuted as a solo artist in 2002 with a global smash album, Simply Deep, and a chart-topping Grammy-winning hit single, "Dilemma" --decided to record her second solo album, a collection of new songs reflecting who she was and where she was going as a woman and as an artist.

The result, Ms. Kelly is the long-awaited successor to Rowland's best-selling 2002 solo debut album, Simply Deep, which has sold more than 2.5 copies worldwide, debut at ..1 in the UK and Australia. Simply Deep showcased the smash hit, "Dilemma," Kelly's duet with the rapper Nelly, which earned the Grammy for Best Rap/Sung Collaboration in 2003 and spent 10 weeks at ..1 on the Hot 100.

Lyrics and mp3

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Lyrics to T-pain Buy You A Drink & Video - ft Yung Joc

Baby girl whats your name?
lemme talk to ya, lemme buy you a drink
im t-pain you know me convict music NAPPY BOY ohh wee
I know the club close at 3
whats the chances of you roll'n with me
back to the crib show you how I live
lets get drunk 'n forget what we did

i'ma buy you a drink ooo wee
oohh i'ma take you home with me
I got money in the bank
shawty what you think 'bout that
ill be in the grey cadillac
we in the bed like ooo oo
we in the bed like ooo oo

Lyrics and mp3

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Sean Kingston's Beautiful Girls remix with feat. Sheek Louch - rocking airwaves

seankingstonbeautifulgirls_rihannajayz_Jr.jpgAfter producing an endless array of hit records for the likes of musical heavyweights such as 50 Cent, The Game, Rihanna and Snoop Dogg, production savant J.R. Rotem has turned his attention to one of the most innovative young talents in music, Sean Kingston, the first signing on his Beluga Heights label.

Kingston, a 17 year old native of Jamaica who now lives in Miami brings his very unique triple threat of talent of rapping, reggae chatting and soulful harmonization with the 2007 release of his debut yet to be titled album.

“As an artist, my whole goal is to make powerful and classic music,” Sean divulges. “I want everyone to feel me and understand where I’m from and that’s what this album will do. The music is all about an authentic Sean Kingston vibe. JR is a talented dude and a dope producer and he saw that I had something different than any other artist out there. Together we’re a powerful force.

Lyrics and mp3

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Who are the Alliance?


NCE (Nothin Comz Eazy) Records is the movement. THE ALLIANCE is the click. Comprised of rappers BLACKOUT, P.O.P., SKINNY, female rapper BLISS, and in-house producer TY-CUTTA, their hit song “TATTOO” featuring FABO, is sweeping the nation faster than you can say “Tat-Tat-Tatted Up”. This club banger is one that’s not going anywhere! One thing is certain; regardless of your set, the fact of the matter is that The Alliance inked up just right! The tattoo, whether if it’s displayed in clothing apparel designs or directly on the skin, is an expression of a lifestyle that represents total individuality and freedom of expression.

Dripped in individuality, THE ALLIANCE, signed to Asylum / NCE Records, is able to hold it down as a group while each member is successfully able to rip the stage. As the brainchild of their manager, Q, THE ALLIANCE fulfills his vision that comprises of a strong unit but also one in which each member remains to stand on its own legs and reach the highest heights in music. They breed versatility and won’t allow themselves to be lumped into the ‘crunk’ category although the group is from Georgia. Instead, they want the world to know that they will eventually branch off in various directions with diverse sounds and solo projects. No one-hit wonders here! Instead they use THE ALLIANCE as a platform, just as the tattoo, as a vehicle for creative expression (and by the way- everyone in the group sports tattoos).

Lyrics and mp3

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Photos from Eve's Video Shoot for "Give It To You" Feat. Sean Paul

Get ready to hear the summer banger of 2007 from Eve featuring Sean Paul called "Give It To You". This is Eve's second single from her forthcoming album "Here I Am" due in stores August 7! Photos from the video shoot are below and attached.


Lyrics and mp3

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Sakina is not only sexy - She's very outspoken

Myspace-Sexygirl of The Week

Sakina_model_traintracks.jpgWell just a little about Sakina I'm a cool down to earth person not shallow, conceited, self centred, sneaking, hype nor am I anti-social or a b*tch which people love to assume, if people would only get to know me before they assume they would realise I'm a really shy & silly person who loves to have fun and socialize - and yes you can approach me I don't bite but I really hate to be annoyed and would love if people don't make it their point of duty to try and know my business. I mean I'm not all that interesting.

Personally I think it's pathetic that people make my life the center of their world I mean I'm flattered and all but really get your own life and stay the hell out of mine.people always complain that I don't smile & I always look serious which is true but thats just my look I cant help it really it doesn't mean anything.Well thats enough of me lata.

Lyrics and mp3

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Who's the bigman this summer? Munga Honorable

mungahonorable_capletonsexygirls_rihannadivanaked.jpg"Xtra, xtra read all about dancehall newest 'Gangsta Ras" - He's easily one of the most "in-demand" artistes on the music scene, Munga Honorable has been and will be busy all summer. Whether it is that he's travelling all over the island or he is flying overseas to "Buss It Make The Earth Shake" Munga is making his presence felt everywhere.

He has some major upcoming dates including: Red Stripe Reggae Sumfest - Montego Bay, Jamaica (Thursday, July 19), All Spice 2007 (Saturday, July 28) Fully Loaded - James Bond Beach, Oracabessa (Sunday, July 29), A St. Mary Mi Come From, Gray's Inn Sports Complex, St. Mary (Sunday, August 5); Irie Jamboree - Roy Wilkins Park, Queens, NY (Sunday, September 2) to name a few.

Lyrics and mp3

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Beenie Man 'Backing It Up' this summer

beenieman_d%27angel_babymarcodean_jamaicangirls.jpgAfter a disastrous 2006 leading into 2007, 'The King of Dancehall' Beenie Man managed to 'Back It Up' in the #1 position on local charts.

Currently, Beenie Man is on a European Festival Tour and will be back in Jamaica next week, in time for his Sumfest performance on July 19 in Montego Bay. Beenie Man’s song “Back It Up” is the No.1 song in Jamaica on all the major charts. This song is produced by 357 Records / Mafia House Productions and is featured on the Mad Sittn’ Riddim. The major local charts include RE TV Top 20, Richie B’s Top 30 Dancehall and Hype TV Top 20 Singles. Here are other songs to watch on these charts as well, “Real Bad Man” for Birchill and “Dreaming Of You” Featuring Alaine by Sleepy Splu.

Beenie Man’s next performance after Sumfest is Hartford Connecticut at the West Indian Social Club on July 20

Lyrics and mp3

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Entertainment Gossips and mix up


Mariah Carey Exposed It All In Her Sexy Bikini

Wesley Snipes' Pal Worried If He's Suicidal!!

Beyonce Pregnant With Jay Z Child???

Lyrics and mp3

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July 21, 2007

Hot and sexy model Shelly Rain - Don't player hate her

girlshotsexymodelsC.jpg“Jamaican girls make a true player break, say it ain’t so your truth is FAKE!” (Obie Trice)

How she feels about haters

“My RESOLUTION for 2007 and for the rest of my life is to gain HATERS….. You only gain HATERS when there is something good going on in your life such as a career accomplishment, or looking better than your HATER…. I want to gain haters because that’s a sign that I am doing something right… So I just want to take a moment to thank all my haters…luv ya MUAH!” (Shelly Rain)

Hating is not health... Hating is so Old School...Hating is played out.. Haters please find another carreer.

Its about time all you Haters wake up and smell the coffee. Hating is not going to get you anywhere in life. If you see something you like or a persons accomplishment impresses you. If it impresses you to the point that it makes you jealous. Thats hating and thats a sign that you want it. Stop the damm Hating get up and do something about it because sitting and hating wont give it to you... damm you all haven't figure that out yet.

Gain Haters stop Hating

Her School:


Lyrics and mp3

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July 19, 2007

Dancehall reggae artiste Buju Banton Presents: Excalibur Sound Vol. 2

bujubanton_reggaedancehallsexgirls.jpgGargamel Music, Inc. is proud to announce the hotly anticipated release of Buju Banton Presents: Excalibur Sound Vol. 2 - SMILE, which is scheduled to hit stores in the US and Canada next Tuesday, July 24th.

The second release in Gargamel Music's edgy, one riddim album series, Buju Banton Presents: Excalibur Sound Vol. 2 - SMILE features an uplifting array of rootsy contributions from a host of Jamaican talents, including Gargamel Music's own New Kidz (on the title track) and Mitch, plus Anthony Cruz, Jah Cure, Tony Curtis, Sebastian, Lutan Fyah, Anthony B, and a fierce collaboration between Gargamel CEO Buju Banton and dancehall reggae dynamo Sizzla, titled "All Shall Be Well."

Produced by Banton alongside his Gargamel Music production crew, Buju Banton Presents: Excalibur Sound Vol. 2 - SMILE is the third full length release from the blossoming label. To preview key tracks from the album, log on to Gargamel Music Inc.'s official new My Space page at

Lyrics and mp3

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July 18, 2007

R&B singer Rihanna still the #1 artiste in Europe

rihannasexygirls_jayzbeyonce.jpgRIHANNA has notched up a fourth successive week at the top of the European singles chart with her JAY-Z collaboration UMBRELLA.

Enrique Iglesias is at number two with Do You Know? (The Ping Pong Song), while Christophe Willem's Double Je is at three. Mika's Relax, Take It Easy is at four, while Nelly Furtado's Say It Right drops three places to five. Meanwhile, rockers Bon Jovi's Lost Highway is enjoying a second week as the continent's number one album.

Linkin Park remain in second place with Minutes To Midnight, while Rihanna's Good Girl Gone Bad is also a non-mover at three.
The White Stripes's Icky Thump and Kelly Clarkson's My December round out the top five at numbers four and five respectively.

Lyrics and mp3

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July 17, 2007

Da'Ville Europian tour was successful - ready to take on Reggae Sumfest

davile_reggaesinger_girlshot.jpgAward winning singer Da'Ville has returned to the island after a very successful tour of Europe which saw him performing live in cities such as Cologne - Germany, Paris - France, Vienna - Austria, Vasteras, Stockholm and Kvidlnge - Sweden, London, Luton and Birmingham - England, Luxenbourg and Amsterdam - Holland.

The singer received a warm welcome from adoring fans who enjoyed every bit of his performances. Da'Ville also had to sign hundreds of autographs and take photos with just as many fans. He was bombarded with overwhelming phone calls when he visited radio and TV stations.

Earlier this year, Da'Ville won the International Reggae & World Music Award for Most Improved Artiste. Also in 2006, from Stone Love and Cooyah, he received the Singer of the Year Award.

His album 'On My Mind', released by VP Records on May 15, 2007, features four #1 hits, such as 'Can't Get Over You', 'This Time I Promise', 'On My Mind' and 'Always On My Mind' with Sean Paul and combines sounds of lover's rock, dancehall and R&B. 'On My Mind' is also now the #1 album in Jamaica.

Lyrics and mp3

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July 15, 2007

Hip Hop Rapper Remy Ma wanted for questioning - shooting incident

By: Out-&-Bad gets to understand that Hip Hop/Rapper Remy Ma a former member of Terror Squad, name was included on the list of persons who are reportedly being sought for questioning by the New York police pertaining to a shooting that happened on July14.

According to the New York Police Department, the incident took place on the corner
of 14th and Washington Streets in Manhattan, when a 23 year old black women was
approached and shot in the chest about 3:14 a.m. by another black woman who seems to be in her 20s – her attacker then disappeared from the scene within minutes after the shooting.

Even though Remy Ma is wanted for questioning in connection with the incident this does not makes her a suspect according to the police. Apart from that, the cops are yet to name a suspect. The NYPD has also decided not to release the name of the victim due to fear of her safety.

Lyrics and mp3

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July 14, 2007

Jamaican Reggae singer Jah Cure gearing for August-September tour

jahcure_curefest_prisonwalls.jpg“What am I longer for” are the words of freedom that Jah Cure chanted in one of his recently hit single titled “Longing For” – but as it’s getting closer to his release date in August, Jah Cure is already been booked for several major shows both locally and international.

Tour Dates
After serving nine long years behind bars Jah Cure will make his first appearance on stage on August 12th in Holland for the world renowned Sundance Music Festival. Then on September 1st he will do his first Caribbean performance in Grenada and then just waters away he will also be doing a show in the tiny island of St. Maarten on the 25th of September. But before he goes that route he will first stop in Tortola on September 22.

Lyrics and mp3

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July 13, 2007

Dancehall singjay Mavado launched an attacked on Bajans

mavado_bajanssexygirls_bountykiller.jpgDancehall act Mavado who got locked up recently in Barbados, launched an attack on Bajans during his high performance stint at R.A.S promotion Beer Vibes, held at Caymanas last Friday (July 6, 2007).

Mavado who graced the stage minutes before 3:00am was well received by fans - as soon as the patrons saw Mavado on stage they ran towards the barriers at the front of the stage as if “Hell Bruk Loose Again”.

From the moment Mavado AKA Gangsta for life hit the stage, it was evident that he had issues to discuss. “People mi did of to turn up, yeah, me did deh a prison in a Barbados because some bwoy diss and me did of to beat off dem face,” he said with an angry voice before letting the audience know the reason for what happened - because them Chat Chat Chat too much.

Lyrics and mp3

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July 12, 2007

Dancehall singer Wayne Wonders "Again"

wayne_wonder_hotnakedgirls_nuderihanna.jpgWayne Wonder has released Again, the single of Summer CD, Foreva, which will be accessible to the public, Monday, July 30 of this year. In doing so, Wayne, along with director Jay Will, and video producer Carlene Samuels embarked on making a video for his single. As Jay Will guides Wayne and his on-screen girlfriend, played by Renee throughout the video, a story comes to life.

The main themes were love and compromise starting off with Wayne having to leave home to go on tour. He becomes pre-occupied reminiscing on what it would be like if his girlfriend were by his side. Wayne continues to ponder on his life throughout most of the video in scenes filmed at Fort Rocky, Port Royal.

Despite the fact that the concept is one which Wayne occasionally utilizes, his video is different. Staging the scenes around the life of a musician whose career gets in the way of his relationship- Again, may be considered as a personal facet of Wayne Wonder’s life when compared to his earlier publicized videos.

Lyrics and mp3

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Assassin brings Gully Sit'n to Japan

assassin_sexygirlsnakedlive_rihannaandjayz.jpgAssassin is currently on his "Gully Sit'n" tour in Japan, this just after finishing a very successful European Tour.

Assassin kicked off the tour at Spice Island Cafe on Friday, July 6 in Okinawa. On Saturday, July 7, he was at Rider's Cafe in Fukuoka. Next up is Friday, July 13 at Club Kingdom, Saturday, July 14 at Yokohama Bayhall. The tour closes at Meihoh Kougen in Nagoya on Sunday, July 15.

Assassin will also be performing at Reggae Sumfest in Jamaica on Thursday, July 19 as well as Irie Jamboree in New York, Sunday, September 2.

Lyrics and mp3

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Bilingual trio The DEY 'Get The Feeling'

thedey_rapperjayz_justintimberlake_britneyspears.jpgThose who have survived the night’s unforgiving darkness cherish basking in the light of dawn, in the warm promise of a new day. Every so often, in the world of music, an act emerges like a beacon of light, proudly proclaiming its uniqueness, its disinterest in the norm, and its potential for sparking a sonic revolution. In 2007, just like with The Fugees and the Black Eyed Peas, a new era in urban music will be ushered in thanks to a group fittingly known as The DEY. Composed of Divine, Élan, and Yeyo (DEY), the bilingual Latino trio fuses hip-hop, R&B, pop, and Afro-Latino influences for a unique, singing/rapping fusion-heavy sound that celebrates Latinos’ rich cultural heritage while also inviting non-Latinos to share in the festivities. Their innovative Epic Records debut promises to unify English-only, Spanish-only, and bilingual Latinos, and to address the interests and concerns of today’s generations of multicultural urbanites.

Lyrics and mp3

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I'm bringin' 'Sexy Back' lyrics & video - Justin Timberlake

I'm bringin' sexy back
Them other boys don't know how to act!
I think it's special what's behind your back.
So turn around and I'll pick up the slack!
(Take em' to the bridge!)

Dirty babe... You see these shackles? Baby I'm your slave
I'll let you whip if I misbehave!
It's just that no one makes me feel this way
(Take em' to the chorus!)

Come here girl!
(Go 'head be gone with it!)
Come to the back
(Go 'head be gone with it!)
(Go 'head be gone with it!)
Drinks on me
(Go 'head be gone with it!)
Let me see what ya tworkin' with
(Go 'head be gone with it!)
Look at those hips!
(Go 'head be gone with it!)
You make me smile
(Go 'head be gone with it!)
Come here child!
(Go 'head be gone with it!)

Get your sexy on
(Go 'head be gone with it!) (8x)

Lyrics and mp3

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July 11, 2007

Sean Paul cops 4th consecutive ASCAP Award

sean_paul_sexygirlsbeyonceriahanna.jpgSean Paul was named Reggae Artist of the Year for the fourth consecutive year and also earned two awards in the Rap category for Temperature and (When You Gonna) Give it Up To Me.

Among the songwriters with multiple award-winning songs were: Mary J. Blige, Johntá Austin and Jermaine "JD" Dupri with three each, and Beyoncé, Keyshia Cole, LRoc, Ludacris, Stargate's Mikkel Eriksen (PRS) and Tor Hermansen (PRS), Sean Garrett and Sean Paul with two each.

Lyrics and mp3

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Dancehall artiste Lexxus was born to entertianed

lexusgirlsman_tunya.jpgBorn Christopher Palmer and raised in the Mountain View area of Kingston, Mr. Lex has been performing, as he says "since the day I was born".

A former student at Kingston's (now defunct) Fox Drama School, Mr. Lexx is an accomplished actor who has appeared in several plays and earned a Best Actor award in 1992.

Mr. Lexx also distinguished himself as one of the finest dancers in Jamaica when he joined the popular dance troupe Squad One but for the past seven years he has pursued an extremely promising career as a deejay whose electrifying stage performances are enhanced by his vast experience in dance and theater.

Mr. Lexx has done video collaborations with artistes such as Vegas, Taxi-Fare and Wayne Wonder with CNN, Anything Goes. This VP Recording Artiste has done shows in the Caribbean, United States, Europe and Japan. entertained

Lyrics and mp3

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July 10, 2007

Busta Rhymes rejects plea deal - one year behind bars

BustaRhymes_girlsbeyoncerihanna_justintimberlake.jpgThug rapper Busta Rhymes who was arrested for driving drunk, accused of attacking two men and driving with a suspended license has rejected a plea deal. It is said that the rapper has a total of four cases against him.

Judge Larry Stephen of the Manhattan Criminal Court denied a motion by the prosecution on Tuesday to combine two assault charges against the Rapper. Among other charges - Busta Rhymes was accused of beating, attacking a former employee last year and beating a fan.

According to The Orange County Register Busta Rhymes lawyer Scott Leemon believed that both cases should not be consolidated. "The decision today validated Busta's defenses to the assault cases. We detailed to the court that we have defense to these cases and the court agreed."
Rhymes again turned down Schweiloch's offer of a year in jail to cover all the cases.

Lyrics and mp3

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URGE one on one with rapper TI

rapper_TIjayz_beyoncegirlsnude.jpgURGE: How much did the success of "My Love" affect you going in this direction?

T.I.: It had no determination on the concept of the album. It was a wonderful collaboration. One of my favorites, but I was already in line with how I wanted to do the next album at that time. It wasn't like, "Oh, since I got the opportunity to be a big pop star let me." I don't make my music like that.

URGE: What opportunities have opened up for you since "My Love"?

TI.: Believe it or not, man, I was doin' pretty well before "My Love." [Laughs.] I always like to think that I bring just as much to the table as I take away. I don't think JT needed me no more than I needed him.

URGE: At the BET Awards you were very vocal in emphasizing that it's unfair to blame rappers for how their musical content influences children.

Lyrics and mp3

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Dancehall artiste Munga AKA 'Gangsta Ras gets his firts #1

mungahonorable_girlswar.jpgDancehall newest sensation Munga gets his first number #1 - which was not an easy task for him to achieve - Munga's first attempt was when he tried to let the world know that “Dem Bwoy Deh Nuh Bad Like I”.

The deejay's career started out as a flag bearer for the fire man Capleton and then after a couple years of waving flags on stage, he then decided to become a deejay by profession. During his new and exciting venture of becoming a popular deejay he ran into a few boos that was thrown at him harshly by dancehall followers - surprisingly many of his haters then, are now loyal fans of Munga AKA ‘Gangsta Ras’. After creating the clever and catchy single 'Flipping Rhymes' which was not enough to give him the public attention - Munga then dig deep to create his chart topper single “Bad From Mi Born”, from which he gained much popularity.

Munga is certainly one to keep an eye on because he’s deservingly on his way of repeating what was done by Mavado, creating a sequel of hits.

Below you can view the top ten of the Richie B’s Chart - Just to see a few artistes Munga has been out playing.


01 2 15 Bad From Mi Born-Munga - Don Corleon(1wk@#1) U-1

02 3 7 Back It Up - Beenie Man-357 Records U-1

03 1 13 Board House-Nesbeth-No Doubt Records (2wks@#1) D-1

Lyrics and mp3

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July 9, 2007

Dancehall duo RDX attacked at Dutty Fridaze - caught up in dancer disagreement

RDX_dancersbeeniemand%27angel_sexybeyonce.jpgDuo RDX, who have been enjoying great success with their hit singles "Dance" feat. Jigsy and "Everybody Dance" have been caught up in an argument between dancers Dr Bird and 50 Cent aka Sick n Head, who knowingly have been fighting over a dance move known as "New York New York".

At about 6.30 am on Saturday morning, July 7th, RDX were present at Dutty Fridaze at Fletcher Land Square and the selector played their latest single, in which the dance by Dr Bird is featured. RDX were enjoying themselves dancing alongside dancers such as Kadillac Dancers, Ice, Gana Gana and Collo Collo Squad.

50 Cent, the only remaining member of Sick n Head dancers and only remaining Frass Crew dancer then announced again that Dr Bird stole his dance move which eventually resulted in crowd support for Dr Bird.

Lyrics and mp3

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July 8, 2007

TOK the world's greatest dancehall-reggae boy band


The New York Times hails the reggae/R&B infused harmonious quartet as “the world’s greatest dancehall-reggae boy band.” Unlike reggae dancehall crooners of yesteryear, Xavier “Flexx” Davidson, Craig “Craig T” Thompson, Alistaire “Alex” McCalla, and Roshaun “Bay-C” Clarke – the crew of 20 something Kingstonians collectively known as T.O.K. - don’t need to hunt down the right Stateside hybrid to take their music worldwide.

Raised on MTV, BET, and hip-hop culture, the members of this quartet aren’t strangers to the spotlight from media powerhouses like the above. T.O.K. was included in MTV’s first “Advance Warning” (a prestigious nod to up-and-comers) and appeared on the very first season of BET’s “106 & Park,” well before any dancehall artists graced that stage. Now returning with their sophomore album, Unknown Language, the quartet merges dancehall, R&B, hip-hop, and Jamaica’s sound system into their own natural blend. “The inspiration for our album title comes from just wanting to take the group and dancehall music to another level,” explains Bay-C. "We want to capture the world with our music.

Lyrics and mp3

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Jamaican singer Nadine Sutherland - 'Call My Name'

nadinesutherland_sexygirlsbathingnude.jpgHaving found success as soon as she crept into the music business as child, nothing has been conventional about Nadine Sutherland’s journey to where she is now musically. The local launch for her most recent album Call My Name, was no different.

Departing from traditional long winded speeches in packed air-conditioned hotel rooms, scripted performances and political endorsements, Nadine made it different. Inside the cozy Grogge Shoppe in Devon House, words of truth flowed from some of the country’s leading musicians, interspersed with four sessions of live performances by Nadine herself. It was her album launch, and she was the star of it.

Lyrics and mp3

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July 7, 2007

P Diddy's baby mother Kim Porter moves out

pdiddyandlkimporter_sexygirls.jpgBad Boy P Diddy was left in the cold after his ten years relationship with his baby mama and longtime girlfriend Kim Porter came to an end. Kim Porter who has stood firmly at the side of the rap mogul Sean Combs decides it’s time to pack and focus more on her career.

According to a report by Page Six - an inside source revealed that Porter moved out of P Diddy’s apartment and will not return.

P. Diddy’s baby mama Kim Porter is now busy in action shooting a film in Louisiana. It was said Porter bought her self a posh pad in Beverly Hills where she and her four Children will now resides. Out of the four kids three belongs to Diddy, Christian, 10, and twins D’Lila and Jessie, who just turns 7 months old.

Lyrics and mp3

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July 6, 2007

Dancehall reggae artiste Buju Banton tours continue

bujubanton_reggaedancehall_gaysgirls.jpgInternational reggae music icon Buju Banton and his Shiloh Band will kick off the Too Bad Canadian Tour tonight at Rum Runners Music Hall in London, Ontario. This is the first time Banton is touring the country in support of his critically acclaimed Too Bad album, which was released in Canada last October.

Gargamel Music is also happy to announce that Buju Banton is the cover subject of Ontario's leading weekly magazine The View. The feature story, written by Brent Hagerman, takes an indepth look at Buju's incredible 15+ year career and his intensely diverse musical contributions that continue to raise the bar for Jamaican music today. To read the story online, log on to

The mini Too Bad Canadian Tour, which will initially hit key markets in Ontario and Alberta, is being promoted by Rahim Visram of Ultimate Entertainment ( in association with Chris Hines Entertainment. The Toronto date, on Friday, July 13th at Redemption (Koolhaus Entertainment Complex), is being promoted by D'Bandit ( and the Redemption family.

Lyrics and mp3

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Dancehall baby face Cham still telling his story

babychamsexygirls_foxybrownbountykiller.jpgThere are a million stories in the ghetto. And yet there's only one "Ghetto Story." And like the song says, it's a survival story.

In Jamaica's ultra-competitive music scene, stars are born every day and fade away just as fast. But ever since the mid 1990s, Baby Cham has represented the best of cutting-edge dancehall reggae. His every release seems to bring forth new sounds, new slang, and up-to-the minute ghetto news reports guaranteed to "bust the dance." Spelled with a C (like champagne), Cham should not be confused with any Flipmode Squad affiliate, although he has been known to bust a rhyme from time to time. With his athletic good looks, his booming baritone voice, and a catalog of hits that won't quit, Cham has managed to stay ahead of the times for longer than any other DJ in the game. And with the release of his long-awaited album Ghetto Story, Cham's poised to take dancehall to another level all over again.

Lyrics and mp3

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July 5, 2007

Hot and spicy Toni Leigh talks about her sexy ingredient

toni_leigh_sexylady_model.jpgI'm trying to keep the faith but sometimes the world feels like a not so bright place... I will try to work past this difficult time. Thanks for your support.

People always ask me "how do you stay so slim? what do you eat? what exercises do you do? etc..." Well there is no magic formula for everyone, and it does take a lot of hard work. Of course good genes help too, but to maintain a toned physique (cut up stomach, most importantly) takes persistence and determination.

So I'll summarize a few things you CAN do in your daily routine besides the 3 times a week trips to the gym:

* Don't drink soda, or any drinks with sugar in it, no apple juice or any juice from concentrate.
* Drinks lots of water, green tea (not so much dark tea).
* Don't eat carbs after dinner time (around 7pm), if you are having a late dinner, cut out the carbs. Eat lots of vegetables (not corn, corn starch is the worst), not potatoes except a few organic little red ones...
* No (those things are 1/3 butter, 1/3 sugar and everything else), no dessert except for non fat frozen yogurt, no snacking on chips, doritoes, etc.
* Cook with olive oil, not butter or lard.

Lyrics and mp3

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Steven Marley confirmed for New York Reggae concert

stevenmarley_juniorgong_mindcontrolgirls.jpgNew York: Reggae artiste, Stephen Marley, son of reggae icon Bob Marley is confirmed to perform at the 5th annual Irie Jamboree concert, slated to take place at Roy Wilkins Park, Queens, New York on
Sunday, September 2nd 2007.

The promoters were able to woo the Grammy winning producer, singer,
songwriter, and multi-instrumentalist whose new album "Mind Control"
contain tracks like 'Hey Baby' featuring Mos Def, 'Iron Bars'
featuring Julian Marley, Mr. Cheeks and Spragga Benz and 'The Traffic
Jam' featuring Damian Marley. Stephen's album is doing well in
Jamaica, Europe, and Canada and is generating just as much attention
state side - enjoying multiple spins on urban radio stations and cable

Lyrics and mp3

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Dancehall artiste Assassin needed only one 'shot'

assassin_sexygirlshotnude_spraggabenz.jpgIt’s not often that an aspiring deejay on his very first attempt at making a career out of dancehall actually does. But living up to his epithet, Assassin only needed one shot. In the summer of 1999, just one year shy of his graduation from Kingston, Jamaica’s Camperdown High School, the Assassin-so named by schoolmates who during cafeteria clashes witnessed, time and again, his lyrical dexterity cause his contenders' demise-was welcomed into the fold of the dancehall fraternity.

His signature slogan ‘Versatile’ aptly summarizes Assassin, as he eases through several topics in his cutting lyrics. From We A De Roughest, to Girls Gone Wild to Idiot Ting Dat to Naw Mad Ova None to Anywhere We Go to Gully Sit'n to No Boring Gal. With his biting lyrics and clever phrases he has stood out amongst his colleagues and can be seen as the next flag bearer on the international front.

Lyrics and mp3

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July 4, 2007

Michael Jackson and R. Kelly Sue Jay-Z's Night Club 40/40

michaeljackson_rkellygirlshotnude.jpgHip-Hop star Jay-Z's New York nightclub is being sued by Michael Jackson and R. Kelly for breaking music licensing laws.

The two music megastars and a dozen other music publishers filed a federal lawsuit Monday against the 40/40 club because it entertained club goers with "unauthorized public performance of musical compositions."

Broadcast Music Inc. led the charge for Jackson and other artists and are seeking unspecified damages for copyright infringement from co-owners Desiree Gonzalez and Juan Perez.

Lyrics and mp3

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'Wine Pon Yuh' lyrics by dancehall artiste Vybz Kartel

vybzkartel_bountykillerbeenieman_aidoniagirls.jpgA nuh acolopyso but woman u fi deepso
A nuh disco free up u hipso
Make yuh finger touch yuh toe tipso
Give me a f**k look, lick of yuh lipso
Pretend yuh nuh f**k fi awhile,yuh nuh f**k fi awhile, fi awhile yuh nuh juck gyal
Turn me on wit di waan f**k look
two hand pon di ground, gyal cock up yuh foot

Fling it up pon di boy and make him wine pon yuh
Model yuh tattoo and just make him wine pon yuh
Underneath coming through come make mi wine pon yuh
Mi nuh go tell mi girlfriend, mi nuh go tell yuh boyfriend

Lyrics and mp3

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Reverse Di Ting Lyrics by Beenie Man

Dong! Hey!
Mi chat give dem di back way talk
Papa San gave dem di sideway talk
Tek out mi key and mi car weh mi start
Put it inna reverse watch yuh wave through glass, cau

Reverse di ting mi a go reverse di ting (BRRRRRPPPP!!!!)
Reverse di ting mi a go reverse di ting (BRRRRRPPPP!!!!)
Reverse di ting mi a go reverse di ting (BRRRRRPPPP!!!!)
Who am I? Di dancehall king (Come on!!!)
Reverse di ting mi a go reverse di ting (BRRRRRPPPP!!!!)
Reverse di ting mi a go reverse di ting (BRRRRRPPPP!!!!)
Reverse di ting mi a go reverse di ting (BRRRRRPPPP!!!!)
Drop di punchline and diverse di sing

Lyrics and mp3

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Shaggy - Hot Reggae Rhythms For Dancing Diplomats

shaggysexyladies_ravonhotnaked.jpgOnly in Washington could Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice steal the spotlight from Grammy-winning dancehall artist Shaggy. When Rice showed up at Tuesday evening's Metro World Music concert -- a Kennedy Center Millennium Stage show featuring Shaggy, reggae icon Jimmy Cliff and former Fugees member Wyclef Jean -- camera phones were directed away from the performance and pointed at the former national security adviser as she sort-of danced to Luv Me, Luv Me, one of Shaggy's many crossover reggae tracks.

Condi's modest moves-- some slight knee bending, swaying and head-nodding -- weren't the only spectacle that forced the audience to choose between watching the action on stage and the actions of a group of dignitaries in attendance. In addition to the thousands of regular folks who came to the free outdoor concert, several Caribbean heads of state, in town this week for a conference, showed up at the nearly five-hour event -- and the suits sipping wine partied just as hard as the kids at the front of the stage wrapped in Jamaican flags.

Lyrics and mp3

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Chaka Demus & Pliers are back on the Charts

ChakaDemus%26Pliers_sexygirls.jpgChaka Demus & Pliers' Need Your Loving single on the Explorer Records label imprint is slowly but surely inching its way up the Jamaican charts.

The song has been enjoying heavy rotation on the airwaves and in the dancehall - as music lovers embrace this latest effort from the popular duo who gave them Murder She Wrote, Twist & Shout and Tease Me, among others.

The music video for Need Your Loving, which was shot on location at Trafalgar Park and Airport Road under the direction of Leo, is centered around "everlasting love".

As the sweet strains of the single captivate its listeners, one can't help but get caught up in the lyrics and melody. Need Your Loving is definitely heading for the top of the charts.

Lyrics and mp3

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Spragga Benz and Foxy Brown to co-host Urban Music Awards

spraggabenzandfoxybrown_sexygirls.jpgYes, the original topper top, Spragga Benz is to join Foxy as co-host of the Urban Music Awards. Dancehall DJ Spragga Benz first rose to prominence in the early '90s with a series of Jamaican hits that earned him a brief major-label shot with Capitol.

Benz was born Carlton Grant in Kingston on May 30, 1969, and earned the nickname "Spaghetti" as a youth because of his slim build; it would later mutate into his stage name, Spragga.

Spragga Benz He became a disc selector for the L.A. Benz sound system, and first tried his hand at toasting in 1992 on a dare from Buju Banton, who needed B-sides for some dubplates he was cutting for the sound system. Benz tossed off some lyrics off the top of his head, and the response from the studio onlookers was so great that Benz soon cut two A-sides of his own, Love Mi Gun and the lascivious Jack It Up.

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Jamaica's hottest dancehall duo RDX dancing their way to fame

RDXdancing_boglejohnhypegirls.jpgDancehall’s hottest duo RDX is at it again with the release of their second dancing single ’Everybody dance’. The song is following hot on the heels of the duo’s smash hit ‘Dance’.

RDX consist of deejay Renigade (Carlton Williams) and singer Delomar (Andre Bedward) hailing from the Waterhouse and Kencot communities respectively.

After bursting on to the Jamaican music scene in 2003 with the group Xsytment, Renigade and Delomar evolved into RDX in 2006 and made quite an impact in the dancehall underground, but it was not until early 2007 that RDX really broke through.

The hit song ‘Dance’ brought a new energy to the music selectors’ CD pouches and still will be one of the hottest songs for summer 2007, and the video that followed which featured Jamaica’s maddest dancers has peaked at number 1 on the top local video charts.

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July 3, 2007

D'Angel: Look Out - Listen Out

d%27angel_beenieman%27swifesexybeyonce.jpgD'Angel recently concluded a photo shoot with stylist, make-up artist, video director, Dexter Pottinger for Island Groove Magazine. The Magazine will be launching this summer in Jamaica and will feature a lot of prominent Jamaican Female artiste including Cecile, D’Angel amongst others. Among the magazine features, there is the well - known writer Pat Meschino, Buzz Magazine and many others.

D’Angel’s new track entitled “Feeling Good” produced by Maestro from Swatch International Sound. The song speaks mostly to the dancers and the feeling of dancing. Listen Out for this track in the clubs and on the Radio air waves as well.

Currently, D’Angel is gearing up for a video shoot in another two (2) weeks, so be on the Look Out for her latest video and stay tuned to earlier ones including “Baby Father” feat. Kartel, “Woomba Medley” to name a few. D’Angel is confirmed for Bronx (July 7) and on Danger Zone’s Show in Connecticut (July 20).

Mr. Peppa shot exciting medley video

mrpeppa_peppersexynudehotgirls.jpgNatural Bridge recording artiste Mr. Peppa has recently shot a medley music video last week for the songs 'When Last' and 'Pressure Dem'. The video was shot in the Kingston area under the direction of music video director Julia Braham who has been making a name for herself on the local scenes. Following hot on the tracks of the medley video, will be the shooting of another music video which will be shoot on film for the song 'Whining', and will be directed by internationally acclaimed Ras Kassa 'The Guru', by the end of July, so as to catch the summer buzz. The video treatment for the music video 'Whining' is currently been worked on and will be shot on film for the international market.

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Julian Griffiths lost 'tone' of Busy Signal


Reano Gordon more popularly known as Busy Signal in the dancehall arena has severed all ties with Julian Grittiths-Jones that leaves him sporting the title as ‘former representative’.

According to Busy Signal, he appreciates everything that Julian has done for him and is now anticipating what his new management team will bring forth to the table.

Busy will now ‘signal’ from under the wings of Juke Boxx Productions which is directed by Shane C. Brown.

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TI aproaching a new style on his fifth album

ti_juniorreid_sexygirlsvideohotnude.jpgRap beefs sell records, but when you've already crowned yourself King of the Dirty South, who rises high enough to incur your lyrical wrath? Well, for his fifth album, T.I. tries something new:

He picks a fight with himself. More precisely, the Atlanta MC taunts his alter ego, the reckless upstart T.I.P., on his new, overblown CD, "T.I. vs. T.I.P."

As T.I. himself has explained: "There's not nobody out there doing what I do as well as I do it, so I see myself as worthy competition for myself." Big talk, though it comes from the man who scored huge last year with his album "King" and Grammy wins for the hits "What You Know" and "My Love" with Justin Timberlake.

T.I. is an Yves Saint Laurent-wearing, international man of leisure; T.I.P., on the other hand, is a declasse thug with a criminal record. Despite their internal struggles, T.I. secretly knows that it's T.I.P. who got him where he is today.

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All that Vitamin Water cash can't buy 50 Cent an original beat

50cent_cashvitaminwater_sexygirls.jpgOver the weekend, 50 Cent released "I Got Money," which, on first listen, we actually sort of enjoyed; its halfway-decent beat was only marred by 50's lackadaisical flow (and apparently contract-mandated Vitamin Water mentions). As it turns out--and why are we not surprised by this?--said beat wasn't 50's at all, but instead nicked from a Massachusetts rapper named Jimmie Hoffa. Nah Right weighs in:

You may recall the minor controversy that arose after 50 released Amusement Park and people immediately recognized the beat from the Jim Jones/DJ Drama mixtape 7 Day Theory that dropped earlier this year. Beatjacking allegations started to fly and the producer behind the beat, Chris Styles, came forward to say that he did not sell the beat twice and that he had no idea where Jimmy got it from.

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Lady Saw gave a stunning performance at St. Kitts Music Festival


True to expectations, the second night of the St. Kitts Music Festival totally eclipsed the first night in terms of attendance, expectation and delivery. It was just phenomenal as it was truly remniscent of a tremendous “block party”.

Quite fittingly, the show began with the sweet strains of the steel pan as the Cayon High School Steel Orchestra paid glowingly tribute to the late local pan genius Boots, who met an untimely death, earlier this year.

The school students showed range and impressive natural ability as they touched on various genres of music. There presentation was a beacon of hope for the preservation of steel pan music, which has been forever linked with the Caribbean region.

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Fire man Capleton a veteran of dancehall/reggae tradition

capletonfireman_gaymungagirls.jpgCapleton, one of the veterans of the dancehall reggae tradition that produced hip-hop crossover Sean Paul, is big enough to book a show at the 1,000-capacity Majestic Theatre -- not small potatoes for a genre that isn't exactly mainstream, no matter how many times you put "Buffalo Soldier" on repeat. A well-traveled Rasta who knows how to put on a show, Capleton was given the nickname in honor of his oratorical skills, based on a well-known Jamaican lawyer during his youth. (He was born Clifton George Bailey III.) He arrives in Detroit fresh off a number of east-coast shows and a six-week tour of Europe. He spoke to the Free Press as he traveled between Virginia and Washington, D.C.

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Akon the man behind Brick&Lace career

brick%26laceakon_konvicsexygirlslive.jpgPart urban singers and part urbane songstresses, sibling duo Brick&Lace are genre-busters who staunchly defy the 30-second pitch. The amalgamated sound that makes up their Kon Live/180 Ent./Geffen debut, Love Is Wicked, is unique, though also at once very familiar. Born to a Jamaican father and an American mother and raised predominantly in Kingston, Jamaica --on an opulent musical diet of reggae, R&B, hip hop, pop and country -- Nyanda and Nailah Thorbourne couldn’t help but be trans-eclectic. “We are a hybrid,” affirms Nailah in her effortlessly sexy West-Indian lilt. “It’s not fabricated at all; it’s who we are.” Indeed, who they are is evident in their moniker:

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July 2, 2007

Pop Diva Britney Spears ain't being nice

britney_spearsnudesexygirls.jpgIndependence Day is taking on a whole new meaning for Britney Spears this year.

In the wake of a well-publicized falling out with her mother, Lynne, the tarnished pop princess seems to have little interest in mending their relationship.

Sources have speculated that the mother-daughter feud began after Britney blamed Lynne for forcing her into rehab against her will back in February.

Perhaps as a means of retaliation, Britney has now claimed to be "really concerned" about Lynne, while hinting that her mother could possibly use some treatment herself.

"I'm praying for her right now," Britney told a crowd of photographers trailing her on Sunday. "I hope she gets all the help she needs."

Her latest comments came after she was deliberately photographed last week delivering paperwork to a dejected-looking Lynne outside a trailer in Valencia, California.

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Rapper MIMS "This Is Why I'm Hot." - check him out


It didn't take the rapper MIMS long to come up with the title for his debut album. Both of his parents died by the time he was 13, and it was his love for and dedication to music that kept him focused on success and out of trouble. That's why the Washington Heights, New York, rapper named his first album Music Is My Savior. The title carries additional weight, too. "If you think of Music Is My Savior as an acronym, it stands for my last name, which is Mims," says the rapper, born Shawn Mims. "I wanted to be a little clever about it."

Clever also describes MIMS' smash single "This Is Why I'm Hot." It makes a certain amount of sense that the cut -- a skeletal, braggadocio club track that gives nods to classic New York rap, Midwest Hip-Hop, the Southern rap scene and the hyphy movement -- has become so popular in clubs and on the radio. The song's producers, the up-and-coming The Blackout Movement, double as DJs. "They understand what the mentality of a DJ is and that's where we broke the record, the mixshows," MIMS explains. "The DJs broke the record, and when a DJ creates a record and another DJ listens to it, they have a connection. I think that's why a lot of DJs appreciated it."

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Beautiful Sapphira - sexy and intelligent

sexygirlphotos_Sapphira_model.jpgI'm a graduate of Florida State University (B.S. in Interdisciplinary Social Science), a Florida Licensed Realtor, Notary Public, and Model. I'm also interested in Private Investigation and learning Makeup Artistry + I'm GREAT at organizing work and events, so I wouldn't mind one day owning an event planning business (so much to do, so little time) :o) After working full-time for 12 years (1994-2006) in various office positions (Office Manager, Executive Assistant, etc.), I finally resigned from full-time Office employment as of 9/8/06 and it's one of the best decisions I've ever made!!! Although I'm still busy, I LOVE the freedom from being "tied to a desk" 8 hours a day.


I've lived in S. FL (Pompano Beach) since 2003 (before moving here, I lived in Tallahassee, FL since 1989). I was born in Shreveport, LA and my hometown is Homer, LA, but we moved to a few different cities, including New Orleans, before moving to Tallahassee, FL in 1989. So I was born and raised in the South, but a lot of people seem to be surprised when they find that out LOL

Personality: warm, friendly, DOWN-TO-EARTH, play well with others, supportive of others' accomplishments (NOT the jealous/bitchy/catty type), can't stand conflict/arguments, have no time for toxic people, great sense of humour (not big on lots of sarcasm and goofiness though), like to enjoy and live life to the fullest, ALWAYS seeking knowledge and ways to improve...

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Ice Box lyrics - Omarion

omarion_r%26bsexyhotbodyguys.jpgFussin' and fightin', we back at it again
I know that, it's my fault, but you don't understand (no)
I got memories, this is crazy
You ain't nothing like the girl I used to know
Good with ma, good with pa, cool with all my niggas
I should try, truth is I wanna let u in, but no
Damn these memories, and it's crazy
You ain't nothing like the girl I used to know

Girl I really wanna work this out, cause I'm tired of fightin'
And I really hope you still want me the way I want you
I said I really wanna work this out, damn girl I'm tryin'
It's no excuse, no excuse
But I got this

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Lyrics for P Diddy feat Keyshia Cole - 'Last Night'

Last night,
I couldn't even get an answer.
Tried to call,
but my pride wouldn't let me dial.
And I'm sitting here,
with this blank expression.
And the way I feel,
I wanna curl up like a child.

I know you can hear me
I know you can feel me
I can't live without you
God please make me better
I wish I wasn't the way I am

If I told you once, I told you twice,
you can see it in my eyes.
I'm all cried out,
with nothing to say.
You're everything I wanted to be.
If you could only see,
your heart belongs to me.
I love you so much, I'm yearning for your touch.
Come and set me free,
forever yours I'll be,
baby won't you come and take this pain awayyyyy.

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Model Misz 'Diiva' not your average Diva


To know me is to love me, so if you don't love me...chances are you don't REALLY know me now do you??? [But I'm sure some of you think you do...]. I am royalty in the rough, a diamond in the dirt that with some polish, refinement, and SHAPING, I will fulfill my true SHINE! I hate no one nor fear no man, yet feel sorry for some of you. I live my life to the fullest with no dreams...just goals waiting to be accomplished. Recognize greatness when you see it, but if you fail to see it, maybe my SWAG is just too blinding for you? LOL Summer's here...get FRESH like me...Oh yeah, if you couldn't tell, I'm in L0VE with him...mind ya business further from that [Love you bae...whoever don't like it, it's that man's problem!]

-Signed..not ya average....DIVA!

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July 1, 2007

Lyrics to What Goes Around... / ...Comes Around - Justin Timberlake


Hey girl, is he everything you wanted in a man?
You know I gave you the world
You had me in the palm of your hand
So why your love went away
I just can't seem to understand
Thought it was me and you babe
Me and you until the end
But I guess I was wrong

Don't want to think about it
Don't want to talk about it
I'm just so sick about it
Can't believe it's ending this way
Just so confused about it
Feeling the blues about it
I just can't do without ya
Tell me is this fair?

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I'm bringin' 'Sexy Back' lyrics - Justin Timberlake

justinTimberlake_sexyasiangirls_britneyspears.jpgI'm bringin' sexy back
Them other boys don't know how to act!
I think it's special what's behind your back.
So turn around and I'll pick up the slack!
(Take em' to the bridge!)

Dirty babe... You see these shackles? Baby I'm your slave
I'll let you whip if I misbehave!
It's just that no one makes me feel this way
(Take em' to the chorus!)

Come here girl!
(Go 'head be gone with it!)
Come to the back
(Go 'head be gone with it!)
(Go 'head be gone with it!)
Drinks on me
(Go 'head be gone with it!)
Let me see what ya tworkin' with
(Go 'head be gone with it!)
Look at those hips!
(Go 'head be gone with it!)
You make me smile
(Go 'head be gone with it!)
Come here child!
(Go 'head be gone with it!)

Get your sexy on
(Go 'head be gone with it!) (8x)

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Lyrics to R. Kelly I'm A Flirt - feat Bow Wow

r_kellyflirt_sexygirlskidsnude.jpgIma Ima Ima Ima flirt
Soon as I see her walk up in the club Ima flirt
Winkin eyes at me when I roll up on dem dubs Ima flirt
Sometimes when im wit my chick on the low Ima flirt
And when shes wit her man lookin at me damn right Ima flirt
So homie dont bring your girl to me to meet cause Ima flirt
And baby dont bring your girlfriend to eat cause Ima flirt
(It better be real tight to you know what im talkin bout)
Please believe it unless your game is tight and you trust herrrrr
(You bring your girl around me you better put your best pimp foot foward)
Then dont bring her round me cause Ima flirt

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Dancehall artiste Sean Paul feat Keyshia Cole - 'Give It Up To Me' - Lyrics


Get out my head and into the bed girl...
Cause you done know, plottin' out the fantasy..
Hey baby girl and it's you a the go so then

From you look inna me eye gal I see she you want me
When you gonna give it up to me
Because you body enticing, you makin' me want it
When you gonna give it up to me
Well if a no today girl then a must be tomorrow
When you fulfill my fantasy
Because you know I give you lovin' straight like an arrow
When you gonna give it up to me

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Guess who's back? - The sexy Spice Girls


The band, who became famous for "Girl Power", has sold about 55 million albums worldwide.
After much speculation, the Spice Girls have finally announced their reunion tour, but at the same time have slammed reports about using digital enhancement system to improve their voices.

At a press conference in London on June 28, Mel C (Sporty), Mel B (Scary), Victoria Beckham (Posh), Geri Halliwell (Ginger) and Emma Bunton (Baby) announced that they will reunite for an 11-date world tour spanning eight countries, starting with a December 7 performance in Los Angeles, California, later this year.

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