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Fist fight at BET awards - between TI and Ludacris' camp

T.Iandludacris_betfight_akon.jpgFight at BET Awards - "Why can’t we just get along?" Rodney King said a decade or so ago. I asked myself that same question after hearing at the melee that took place at Warner Music Executive Kevin Liles party. According to Celebrity journalist Jawn Murray’s report on Black Voices the fight started when a person from TI’s camp got into it with Chaka Zulu who works with Ludacris.

"First it was two guys, then it was six guys, then it was 10 guys," the Widdicombe source noted, describing how the fight escalated. "Plates were being smashed, the hotel lost a palm tree. The place got trashed ...T.I. was like a dog in a meathouse. Chaka's shirt got all torn up. As people spilled outside, [onlookers] were asking, 'Who got shot?'"

TI and Ludacris have been battling it out for some time now about which rapper is the King of the South. Both rappers hail from Atlanta. Ludacris has sold millions of records and made a successful crossover to acting. I will never forget his electrifying performances in "Hustle & Flow" and the multi award winner "Crash." TI’s breakout acting performance was "ATL" and he also has sold millions of records.